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                          We believe the opportunities at the Cotton On Group are endless.

                          We pride ourselves on providing our people with the opportunity to write their own career story.
                          As a global business with seven brands, our teams are empowered to realise that when you start here, you can go anywhere.

                          What’s great about working at Cotton On Group?

                          We’re committed to the personal and professional development of our people which is supported by passionate leaders, agile teams and programs that empower our people. To enable our people to perform at their best we provide a wide range of benefits and initiatives supporting a work-life balance and best place to work. All team members are offered a 50% discount on all Cotton On Group brand products, have access to programs that reward team members for looking after their health and wellbeing, and rewards and recognition for a job well done.

                          For more information on life at Cotton On Group check out the below pages:

                          Our Team >

                          Our Workplaces >

                          Our Values >